et un de plus!!!!!!!!!

les camarades Nerviens et moi meme vont encore cette année faire le voyage vers Crisis!!!!!!!!

je vais essayer de faire un petit reportage photo

la situation geographique !!!!!!horaire

Painting competition rules CRISIS 09.
· Participation is open to all.
· There is no restriction on the number of entries per person, nor on the subjects, dimensions or style of the models. Nevertheless models that can be regarded as obscene or provocative will be refused by the T.S.A.-board.
· Each entry will be judged and valued individually. Gold, silver or bronze medals will be awarded to the winners and runners-up.
· It is forbidden to mark the models to avoid that the identity of the participant could be unveiled.
· There is a participation fee of 1 Euro per entry.
· Although the individual entries will not be compared with one another, and each one will be judged and rated individually, the following categories will be used for convenience :

Cat.1. Historical models
Cat.2. Non-historical models (fantasy)
Cat.3. Historical units (wargame-units : minimal 5 - maximum 30 figurines)
Cat.4. Non-historical units (wargame units : minimal 5 - maximum 20 figurines)
Cat.5. Dioramas (more than 1 figurine, possibly with scenery and equipment)
Cat.6. Others (all entries who can't be assigned to cat.1 to 5, e.g.: busts, toy soldiers)
Cat.7. Model vehicles
Cat.8. SF figures
Cat.9. figures (or units) smaller than 15mm.
Cat.10. "Youngbloods": participants younger than 16 years of age (no participation fee for this category).

For participants younger than 16 there are three individual trophies : gold, silver and bronze.

Special trophies:
"Best Youngblood, sponsored by Celtic Cross.
"Best of show", offered by TSA.
"Best fantasy unit", sponsored by Celtic Cross.
James Nolan memorial trophy for "Youngbloods" (gold, silver, bronze).

The decision of the jury will be definitive and will not be open for debate. The jury also has the right to change an entry's category.
Neither TSA or its organising members can be held responsable for damage or loss of an entry.
You can enter your models from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. (on the dot!).
all further info:


- Ancient & Modern / Donnington Miniatures
- Baccus6 : 6mm figuren
- BEF miniatures: early WWII tanks, vehicles & figures
- Black Cat Bases : bases , 28mm figuren en scenery
- Black Scorpion
- Brigade Models : ruimteschepen en 28mm Belgen WOI
- Caliver Books : boeken en figs
- Celtic Cross : GW en Hordes en aanverwante producten veel 28mm historische reeksen
- Chiltern Miniatures/LBM : 28mm figuren maar ook decals , Victrix, Valiant, Hussieten etc
- CW Toys : plactic 1/72 maar ook andere schalen & now FineScaleFactory too (1/72)!
- Dave Thomas : Foundry + Perry's + Artizan enz
- Dax Magic : Verf, Hovels en scenery
- Excalibur Miniatures
- EM-4 Miniatures
- Fantasy Encounter : games, figs en flames of war
- Fantasy Gelände (Ursula & Didier) : zelfgebouwde geschilderde scenery
- Freebooter : fantasy figuren
- Game Store : GW en Hordes en aanverwante producten veel 28mm historische reeksen
- Gramodels
- Grand Manner : resin gebouwen en schepen
- Golgo Island
- Gripping Beast : 28mm oudheid en middeleeuwse figuren , maar ook WOI
- Ironclad Miniatures : resin voertuigen en scenery
- KaiserRushforth : pakken en zakken voor transport van figs
- Kallistra : figs en uiteraard terrein
- L'Antre Jeux : boardgames
- Lesley's Bitsbox : voorgebouwde figuren, meestal GW

Magister Militum : 10mm, scenery, 28mm, allerhande
- MBM/Shell Hole Scenics : 6mm voertuigen, scenery, 20mm figs
- Millenium : books, books, books
- Miniaturenland/Dark Sword : fantasy figuren
- Miniature Wargames
- MiniaturicuM : Empress figuren, Hydra Miniatures, Blue Moon, Moonlight Miniatures, Pulp Figures, Foundry Paints, Conquest Miniatures, paint racks
- Musketeer : 28mm figuren

- NewLine Design

- Obelisk
- Oberon
- Okko : een spel gebaseerd op Japanse legendes met samurai en demonen
- Otherworld
- Pardulon: scenery
- Peter Pig : 15mm figuren uit alle periodes
- Products for Wargamers : diverse handige dingen voor wargamers, wij dus
- Redoubt Miniatures : 28mm figuren
- Sgt Mess : 20mm voertuigen en figs, scenery
- SHQ : 20mm voertuigen en figs, scenery
- Smart Max
- Stafford Games : figs figs figs
- Stronghold UK
- t Figuurtje : plastics en 15mm figuren (o.m. old glory en minifigs)
- Terrain Warehouse
- The Gamers : GW, en historsche figs, spelregels
- The Scene : resin scenery
- Truant Spiele
- TSS : terreintegels

- Warlord Games : plastic en metalen Romeinen en Kelten in 28mm
- Warlords 15 : 15mm figs van diverse merken
- Wingames: boardgames, boardgames & boardgames...
- Worean : diverse 20 en 15mm figuren


Ancient & Modern / Donnington
- Alde Garde
- Blades of Destruction
- Bylandt
- Celtic Cross (3 demos!)
- Chemins de Feu
- Compagnies d'Ordonnance

- Company Zero (2 demos!)
- De Witte Ridder
- Dortmund Amateur Wargamers
- the Fallen Angels
- Freebooter
- Games Store
- Gloranthan Army
- Golgo Island
- Guildes des Saigneurs

- Gripping Beast
- GW Hobby
- La Compagnie du Roi
- La Grande Armee (2 demos!)
- Lance & Longbow
- les Nerviens
- Madgamers
- Marc Bazelmans
- Marie Louise des Flandres
- Murphy's Heroes
- Militia Brabantia

- par Toutatis
- Pike & Shot society
- Red Barons
- Sarstedt Wargamers
- Schild en Vriend
- Stipsisz Hussars
- Sussex Massif

- Tsa - Tunnel Rats
- TSA: Arno's game...
- Thunderbolts (Gent)
- Tinsoldaten Aalborg
- Too Fat Lardies
- Vikotnik
- De Witte Ridder

J'ESPERE VOIR LES COPAINS DU NET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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